Stellar Showcase - Raw Artists

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RAW is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists. RAW hosts over 30 eclectic art showcases each month, featuring independent artists form local communities across the United State, Canada, Australia and Mexico. 

I was excited to be included in the Sydney STELLAR showcase on August 8 at the Orion Centre, Campsie. INCINERATE sold amazingly! There seemed to be genuine surprise at a novel with its central character a young man of resilience, honesty and clarity in his approach to love, mortality, friendship and business.

JEWELS OF EARTH, SEA AND SKY was displayed with sparkle, lights and wonder! Visitors to STELLAR were amazed at the different effects of the final embedding of objects and fusing of the wax by iron, heat gun or blow torch. Ironing can create an enamel-like finish, as evident in the blue of BLOOD FLOWERS FROM SUNNY SKIES. A heat gun can allow wax to cushion around an object, as in NATURE GIVES. A blow torch can create a dramatic effect as in the embedded burnt leaves of NATURE CAUGHT IN THE HUMAN WEB. It was wonderful how lots of visitors to my showcase appreciated so much my taking the time to individually explain the process and point it out in the artworks on display.

JEWELS OF EARTH, SEA AND SKY as a collection is a call to acknowledge and succumb to the resilient power and beauty of nature in the face of human disruption and dislocation. It is a statement that the superiority of humans is not guaranteed. 

STELLAR delivered a magical night of art and creativity. Different expressions of art in all its forms kept viewers entranced. For me, I found people to be fascinated by the process of encaustic art creation. Most had never heard of encaustic artworks before and wanted detail from the initial melting of the wax to the creation of colour, wonder and beauty. It was a gift to communicate.

ArtAndrew Boddy