Incinerate - a Novel by RL Green



Incinerate is a story about young individuals trying to love life as their best selves. Ted is looking for answers as his Uncle lies dying in ICU, his half-sister turns up like a fairy princess with a wicked but gorgeous enchantress tagging along and a best friend whose good opinion is not easily bought. Personal dilemmas are side tracked by a bizarre business proposition on dogs and their demise with an untrustworthy associate. No neat end is waiting as the personal and business unpredictably intersect.

Incinerate cuts away the myth of the acceptable stereotypes social media profiles, online dating and twitter comment needs to keep the system operating and says each of us is complex and not entirely predictable and that is not a bad thing. It makes life more interesting. 

Incinerate gives characters who cannot totally trust themselves to be good. It raised questions. Can any of us trust ourselves? Is there a true and reliable self? Can motive ever be clearly seen? Does anyone really know how they would react in strange circumstances?

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